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Welcome to Glenn & Khay’s corner! a glimpse of our Love and Fashion.

Khay & Glenn also knows as Hugs (Glenn) & Kisses (Khay) to their family and friends. Madly in love with each other even after 16 years. Proud to have been blessed with a 17-year relationship with only 1 break up! They finally decided to get married on April 14, 2016. They love to eat, to shop, and to wear couple outfits. Yes, they’re “that cheesy couple” who wears couple tees ever since high school…and they still do now. Their Love and Fashion had brought this site to life. This is a glimpse in the life of a not so ordinary couple, Hugs and Kisses. 

Kisses has been blogging for a while now but she hibernated when they were getting closer to their Modern Fairytale celebration. The preparation was just too much. The couple had to go back home, in Philippines a month in advance to do the last minute preparation for their celebration. They had to meet their wedding suppliers and also to do their Engagement photoshoot.

Ever since they started dating 16 years ago, these two have been rocking couple outfits. Their love for each other and for fashion is definitely growing everyday. These style influencer duo has now decided to start their blog. Follow them in their day by day love for each other and their taste in food and fashion. Together, they will share with you their Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, & Love. 

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Hugs and Kisses
Never to Fade and Never to Duplicate