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Denim Vest

June 19, 2015

Hi My Loves,

I apologize for not posting anything last week. It was a busy week at work. A week of INVENTORY! if you work in retail then you know how I feel. I’ve been going home around 4-4:30am. Yes, I work in a department store so that’s a given. Work hard, play hard. Play time on Friday when we did a photoshoot for our wedding’s save the date stopmotion video. Have you seen it? it was an awesome day with two of our very good friends Topher and Finlay. I’m going to have to write about that on my next blog entry.

Summer time! Favourite season ever!!! dont you agree? I’ve been going out and embracing the sun. I got myself a little bit of a tan, thank you very much. During this fabulous season, one of my favourite pieces to wear from my closet is my Denim Vest.

Lips aren’t sealed: I consider this a good investment piece, something that can be worn a lot of times, in different ways and will always going to be around because it doesn’t really go out of style.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: Sometimes, I like wearing denim on denim so I would wear it with my skinny jeans. I also like to pair it with a maxi dress or with a cropped top and pleated pants or a tulle skirt to pull off that boy meets girl look 🙂

For guys, I like it with short sleeve button down shirt and a bowtie. cute. cute. cute.

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

May 30, 2015
Friends Dinner & Clubbing
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Uptown Preppy
Denim Vest: Forever 21
Short Sleeve Shirt: On The Road
Tan Joggers: Hollywood
Red Suede Slip-on: Spring
Black Watch: Guess
Bead Bracelet: Harriet Grey
Squared Sunglasses: Tom Ford


May 29, 2015
Sample Sale Event
Model: Queen Bee
Style: Boy Meets Girl
Denim Vest: Tommy Hilfiger
Cropped Top: H&M
Pleated Printed Pants: Sirens
Gold Watch: Casio
Bracelets: Material Girl
Half-Moon Necklace: Blue Ruby
Sandals: Circus By Sam Edelman




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