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Bomber Jacket

September 14, 2015

Hi My Loves,

Bringing my blog back to life. Just like that…it’s almost a year since my last entry. I wanna give a special shout out to my Hugs! It’s our unofficial 15 years! Happy Anniversary my King!

I got really busy with the wedding prep after my last entry. We had to go back to Philippines a month prior to the wedding. Then the wedding happened, then vacation happened!!! I’ll let you in my modern fairytale wedding next time 🙂 ohhh..what fun memories I have! and how time flies.

Time did flew by soooo fast. It’s already the first “Ber” month. Fall is fast approaching. Although I can probably count the days I can actually tan and have fun in the sun. This summer had just been a cold summer for a girl coming from a tropical country. haha

We’ve started getting more bomber jackets at work so I can finally show it to you guys for more selections. Bomber jackets are one of my fave pieces for fall or spring. Lightweight but blocks the wind quite well.

There are everywhere by now since tis’ the season for it. Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Gap, Topshop, etc. if you want to see more choices in one stop check out Hudson’s Bay, Simons, Winners, and Nordstrom.

You’ll notice a lot of them have patches or appliqués now or quite flashy with their patterns. Most of them are also bigger on sizes like your borrowing your boyfriends..urgh! totally my style!

Lips aren’t sealed: I went and tried all the bomber jackets I can find at work and oh boy did I ever fall in love or what?! but since I work in retail. I refuse to pay the regular has to be on CLEARANCE haha so I decided to buy a cheaper bomber jacket in Forever 21..MENS! it was only $21 half price! and a few iron-on appliqué & pins that cost me a whopping $2.40! haha

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: This can be use day or night and whenever the season is changing for Fall or Spring.

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!


September 09, 2016
Trying on all the bomber jacket at work
(Winner! my fave out of them all hanging on the wall)
Style: Sophisticated Tomboy
Green Patched Bomber Jacket: Design Lab
Price: $108.00
Black Silk with Lace Slip-on Dress: Highline
Bowler Hat: H&M
Backpack: Tophshop
Green Denim Jacket: Dongdaemun (Seoul, Korea)
Sneakers: Keds
Lipstick: MAC


Brand: Design Lab Lord & Taylor
Floral-Embroidered Bomber Jacket
Price: $108.00

Brand: Vero Moda
Insulated Bomber Jacket
Price: $69.00
Colours: Black or Green


Brand: Highline Collective
Patched Bomber Jacket
Price: $129.00


Brand: Highline Collective
MA1 Bomber Jacket
Price: $108.00


Brand: Highline Collective
Plaid Blocked Bomber Jacket
Price: $129.00



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