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DIY Button Bouquet and Boutonniere

December 07, 2015

Hi My Loves,

How time flies…I haven’t blogged for a while. I blame you retail life. Tis’ the season to be jolly..but not for us who works in the retail world. sigh. haha just kidding! it has its good side too…before you know’re off. It almost feels like Mr. Time is screwing with you because there’s not enough hours in a day…wait..that’s not even a good thing. lol. Please if you’re doing your Christmas shopping…be nice to that sales associate you’re thinking of yelling at…or to us merchandisers who’s trying to fold that sweater for the nth time because we can’t even see the whole collection we are desperately trying to set up nicely for your sake. wahhh…enough of my Monday rant.

Another thing that’s keeping me busy is prepping for my Modern Fairytale celebration which is approaching too quickly…128 days to be exact. Mr. Time..please. please. please. I’m not done yet! We had 2 years as I recall…what happened? hahaha

I spent some time last week every after work to make this bouquet and buttonaire for me and the future Mr. 🙂


Lips aren’t sealed: I have to be took me three trials to actually make this..the tutorials on google is helpful but if your trying to do things a little differently then its going to take you some trial and error moment.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: I’ll use it as a display at home after the occassion. It’s colourful enough, it can add beauty in the living room 🙂

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!


December 3, 2015
Style: Modern Royalty
Materials: Lace, Tafetta,
Pearls (broken old necklaces),
Buttons, Bendable Wire (22 gauge, 8 oz)
& Diamond Ring (old fake ring)


First try: I used the thin wire to put a stem through the buttons. But It wasn’t going in the foam because the wire I bought was too thin. If you’re making your own, make sure you buy the right kind of wire. It needs a thicker wire to make it stand. Not to thick because it won’t go through the buttons.


Second try: I added the thicker wire so I can poke through the foam but this time the wire was too thick and the ball was too small it can’t hold the buttons too well. I also find it harder to gather the buttons nicely.


Third try: I took everything out from the foam.


…..and I added more wires to make longer stems


I gathered the buttons like I was making a flower arrangement. I wrap the wire around each other. When I was satisfied with the button placements I added the fabric to hide the wires and ribbon to cover the stem.

Caution: Use tools to cut the wires and to wrap the wires. Also, be careful as the end of the wires might be really sharp.




December 6, 2015
Style: Modern Royalty
Materials: Lace, Tafetta,
Pearls (broken old necklaces),
Buttons, Scissors, Stick, Thick Paper, Thread, & Needle



Making the Boutonniere wasn’t that hard because I’ve already done a few of them with just different designs.


The only difference with this boutonniere design was that I had to use a stick and a thick paper to make an open scroll.

I gathered fabric to make a flower shape and just sewn in buttons in random places.

Then I placed them together with the scroll and wrote “I do”..just cause 🙂

Note to Self: Be creative, one design might not work but you will definitely end up with a better one 🙂



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