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Denim on Denim

Hello Friends,

They said to “love the process and the results will come”. That’s what we try to do when we do our shoots. Have fun! and the fun begins when you realise that there are already people around you that are willing to help you out even before you ask. This shoot is our third collaboration with another awesome photographer. We have collaborated with Kisses’ friend/coworker from her Tommy Hilfiger days, Sima. Working with different photographers are quite unique and fun! The difference between these individuals are really interesting and amazing. Sima’s a very passionate photog who doesn’t use lights but instead the natural lights from the sun. She doesn’t like editing on computers but rather on her camera. The passion she has when she takes our photos reminds us of our wedding photographer where she would actually lay on the ground just to take an angled shot, love love love working with her.

Check out her Instagram: sima_photographs

Trend: Denim on Denim16808610_10154896658495903_1940420894_n16809764_10154896661025903_212005574_n16780597_10154896658480903_1001434262_n16780535_10154896658520903_1541802172_n16787924_10154896661070903_2063689923_n


She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Black Body Suit: Forever 21
Shearling Jacket: Zara
Leather Hat: Hongdae, Seoul, S. Korea
Jumpsuit: Material Girl
Black Booties: Topshop
Lace Socks: Topshop
Backpack: MCM
Lipstick: Mac (Mehr)
Choker: Ardene


He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

Shearling Jacket: Levis
White Distressed Jeans: Topman
White Shirt: Topman
Black Asymmetrical Hoodie: H&M
Mirrored Sunnies: Aldo
Mustard Toque: Topman
Chelsea Boots: Steve Madden

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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