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First Featured Article

Hello Friends,

We had our first feature in an online article! yayy! When we first started our joint account in IG we didn’t really know what to expect. How would people react when they see our photos. All we know is that we are love by the people around us, they get inspired by our Love and Fashion…and we just really wanted to inspire other couples around the world as well. We just started less than a year ago and although our followers and likes our not thousands yet we are really just happy posting our photos about our Love and Fashion.

Receiving recognition in what we love to do is really is a blessing. We hope to continue to inspire others.

Thank you so much for the feature Narcity! Thank you @dorwarr for including us in your article 🙂


Read the whole article 👉


Also another feature on another article  👉




Featured in Daily Hive Vancouver for Best IG OOTD of the week 👉


Featured in Stylinerrday 👉

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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