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Cancun Trip 1/5

Hello Friends,

Today marks our 15 years and 8th months! If you have been following us or you know us personally, we have been celebrating our monthsaries every 14th of the month from the very beginning of our relationship..15 years ago. Anyway, we had an early celebration in Cancun, Mexico. We were finally back to where we had our first trip together outside the country…October 2011. This is our third time in Cancun it was a 50/50 experience. Half were happy moments and half were mishaps but we still enjoyed it. Things do happen for a reason…the mishaps?…well, it could have been worst.

We got to the airport really early because we were too excited. Only to find out that our first flight was delayed and so we will miss our connecting flight to Cancun. We were supposed to fly with American Airlines but we flew with Air Canada. In all fairness to AA, they tried their best to accommodate us since it wasn’t our fault that we will be missing our connecting flight. They gave us 3 options: A red-eye flight in LA; a hotel stay in LA; or a hotel stay in Toronto, we chose the latter. All options end up with a night missed in Cancun and getting stuck somewhere…not in Cancun. LAX is huge and if we missed our flight were doomed! Oh! the hassle we went through but Marriott Hotel Airport was very accommodating. We also had food vouchers and limo vouchers to go to the hotel and back to the airport. Left the hotel really early with 2 hours of sleep because we didn’t want to miss our 6am flight to Cancun.

We finally arrived in Cancun and our mood of excitement was up to the roof. Sun was shining so bright while the forecast we saw before we left Vancouver was clouds and thunderstorms. When we checked in at Grand Oasis Sens hotel they said our room wasn’t ready for us yet but were allowed to go around the hotel and eat at any available restaurants that time. We were so hungry and tired from the one whole day of travelling. We didn’t have the energy to argue that we informed them ahead of time that are flight was delayed and we will be arriving the next day. We were expecting that our room would be available for us to just crash or at least freshen up. We ate and still waited to finally get a room.

We thought it was just really hot that our a/c wasn’t working properly when we got to our room. We asked for a check up twice trying to see if it will get better later on the day. We were literally sleeping in the end of the bed just to feel the breeze at night. Two days later we finally had it, since they moved around the vents we couldn’t feel the breeze anymore. They said they can try to fix it again or if we wanted a different room. It seems like they didn’t want us to move rooms but we insisted that we have to. We were so irritated at night coz it was warmer inside our room than outside. The process was absurd, they wanted us to check out first at 11am and wait for a room at 3pm..meaning we had to pack our stuff and store it in the lobby and wait for hours with no room, then unpack again. This time we demanded to get a room earlier than 3pm. I think we deserve to get a better service than that for waiting for a room when we checked in and for being too nice to them when asking for a better air-conditioned room. Also, we were having water issues for both days around 1pm, where there would be no water that comes out at all. We spent our hard-earned money for a relaxation on a vacation not to get all these hassle.

While waiting for a new room, we walked around and decided to eat first where we met these two ladies. Who had to change rooms 3 times already and just before we left, they had to change their room for the 4th time. Apparently, it’s either they had A/C problems or hot water problems. Same issues with other guests we’ve met during our stay.  They did try to resolve our situation with a better air-conditioned room, with jacuzzi and a beach front view. Which we were thankful for.

We can go on and on about all the things that went wrong and all the things we learned from this trip but we’ve met some people that had it worst than us…it could have been worst right?!

The biggest take away from this trip is that we’ve met a lot of good people and even became good friends with some of them. People that will make you want to keep pushing for the goals you want to achieve and so you will get more free time to just enjoy life with the people you love, to create more unforgettable memories and to just let go of everything, do a crazy dance and yell out “Quien Mas?!” – “Live the life you love, Love the life you live.”

Shoutout to these amazing friends who made our trip unforgettable! @alanbfit @anabelkis @born2lead24 @_frenchie__ @milllllllller15 and a lot more who didn’t have IG 🙂

Trend: Black and White


Vogue Shot


Selfie Shot


Cutesy Shot





She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Cropped Logo Shirt: Nike
Sports Bra: Y.A.S (Hudson’s Bay)
Cat-eye Sunnies: Adrenaline
Black Backpack: Calvin Klein
Choker: Expressions (Hudson’s Bay)
Spikey Sandals: Sam Edelman
Lipstick: MAC (Morange)


He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

White Jersey Tee: Topman
Distressed Jeans with side zipperZara
Black-out Glasses: 
Printed Handkerchief: H&M
Sandals: Zara
Suspenders: H&M 

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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