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Kingz n Queenz






Hello Friends,

Spring has finally come! What is your favourite season? Ours is probably Spring and Summer..the sun sets longer and we can have tanning sesh with our friends!   The last collaboration that we had is just in time for Spring. It’s another brand from UK,  KingznQueenz. We have been really blessed in getting more collaborations with our friends in the UK…we should probably move there soon! hehehe

We had lots of fun during our shoot coz we love our KnQz Reversible Bomber Jackets. The perfect jacket for Spring season coz it’s not as heavy but it saves you from the ☔️ and 💨…and the colours makes you feel like royalty. Depending on your mood you can switch up the Emerald Green to Red! The bold colours totally calls for attention. We paired ours with light wash denim and black.

The day we had the shoot we met Sheldon under the Arthur Laing Bridge. We had the Emerald Green showing and he said that he spotted us right away coz the colour was so bold that we definitely stood out! Yasssss! that was the plan. hahaha

Check out their Instagram: @_happyfaceemoji @KingznQueenzLtd



Mother’s Day is coming up and we found some great shops for all the mothers and soon to be mothers! (P.S. They also offer Plus Sizes so click these links below.) HAPPY SHOPPING! 





We are also sharing our discount code for:

MVMT: Use our code LoveandFashion to get 10% off till 4/30/18. DM for new discount code after. “The belief that style shouldn’t break the bank – this is a core principle of our brand. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we back everything up with a two-year warranty.”


iDeal of Sweden: Use our code loveandfashion to get 20% off. “Stylish mobile cases designed and inspired by the latest fashion trends. Dress your phone in this year’s hottest colors and designs.”



Trend: Street Royal



She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!




Bomber Jacket: KingznQueenzLtd (Online-Sponsored)
(KnQz Reversible Bomber Jacket)
Cellphone Case: iDeal of Sweden (Online-Sponsored)
Sheer Skirt: H&M
Light Wash Ripped Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Puma
Oversized Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Captain Hat: Zara
Lipstick: MAC (Heroine)


He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.




Bomber Jacket: KingznQueenzLtd (Online-Sponsored)
(KnQz Reversible Bomber Jacket)
Jumper: Hudson’s Bay
Black Turtle Neck: Topman
Round Sunglasses: Bang-On
Bowler Hat: H&M
Sneakers: Adidas (Commes Des Garcons Logo, customised by
Beret: Forever 21

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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