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What is your iDeal Type?

Hello Friends,

What’s the weather like in your city? It’s been sunny here lately in Vancouver! We are really loving the weather because we can do a lot more outdoor shoots. We get to showcase more spots in this beautiful city.

We have been definitely taking advantage of this glorious weather. We have been doing a lot of photoshoot in the sun for sure. Taking a lot of selfies too! Mirror selfies with our @idealofsweden case just make our selfies more aesthetically pleasing!

“Stylish mobile cases designed and inspired by the latest fashion trends. Dress your phone in this year’s hottest colors and designs.”

Photographer: @lumenyd


Photographer: @_happyfaceemoji



Photographer: @rox.tography



Photographer: @dtrounger


iDeal of Sweden: Use our code LOVEANDFASHION to get 20% off. Did you know that the wallet cases in iDeal of Sweden are custom designed and made by hand? Not only are they functional wallets but they are magnetic to perfectly fit the phone cases that they have. They also offer phone holders & mounts and a lot more accessories in their website.


Photo Credit: @EmmaMelin



Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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