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What to do for 5 days in NYC?

Hello Friends,

Writing our draft on the plane so its still fresh in our minds. This trip topped it all off when it comes to being the most memorable trip that we ever had. It was such a learning experience for Team XOX. For us, the most important thing about going for trips is to have fun and to experience it together.

This is our first trip to the Big Apple, we were so excited to see NYC coz..well its NYC, the city that never sleeps. Fashion and Food is what we wanted to experience there.


Things to keep in mind when traveling in NYC:

Airport: JFK (the most hectic but right in the middle of NYC), La Guardia (There’s some kind of construction all the time), and Newark (less busy and cheaper fare, but in New Jersey).

Accommodation: Hotels or Air BnB

If you haven’t use Airbnb yet, you can use our code and get $45 CAD toward your first trip:

Our First Day was for travel. We left Vancouver at 8am and with the time difference and travel time including traffic from the Lincoln Tunnel, we got to our AirBnB passed 10pm. We took the Express Bus and then we had to take the metro from Newark to Brooklyn. We suggest taking Uber from Airport to your place, you have to keep in mind the traffic and the toll if you take Newark since it’s in a different city. But with the travel time we spent it would have been worth it to take Uber.

Our Second Day we decided to take Uber to get to DUMBO early in the morning coz we wanted to make contents before everybody gets there. Wise decision, we got there early and completed our mission!

We went to Chinatown area and walked around for a bit and met up with Samuel, owner/designer of Manhattan Knights one of the brands we worked with. Chat for a bit and we went back to Times Square. We met up with one of our Quien Mas fam, Frenchie. We met her from our Cancun trip last year and now she’s the proud owner of Excuse Moi French

We did lots of walking after that and decided to go home but walked all the way to Grand Central Station and we hit up Chic-Fil-A.

Our Third Day was our monthsary! 16 years and 7th monthsary and one of the reason why we wanted to get away this week. We woke up earlier than our second day because we knew that Times Square will be more hectic than Dumbo. We walked everywhere, on our way to Rocka Fella Tower, We bought souvenir shirts which we thought were cheap for $5 from the street vendors but if you walk around more passed Disney Store, there are small souvenir shops that sells 4 for $10. bthe Love Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art and Central Park. From Rocka Fella, you can hit the Radio City, The Love Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art, Central Park, & all these beautiful structures in the wild concrete jungle. Bring a good walking shoes because you definitely need it.

We decided to go home and to rest for a couple of hours because at this time our feet were already super sore and we needed to recharge our energy. We wanted to go out and celebrate our monthsary with energy. The plan was to shop around in Soho, eat some good hole in the wall food in Chinatown area, find a great dessert place and grab a couple of drinks from this speakeasy called Apotheke, and end our night in 50 Bowery rooftop. What really happened was, the only Uber driver that let us down coz all of them were uber great. So this guy brought us to the wrong metro station and refused to drive us to the right place. Called another Uber driver to drop us off in the right metro station and he was apologetic towards what we experienced with the other Uber driver. Anyways, cut the story short our 30-minute travel became a 2-hour travel, when we got to Soho…shops were closed because most of them closes at 7pm.

We walked a lot in Soho Manhattan area..window shopping since it was closed. But we noticed that Chinatown is the best place to stay at when it comes to hitting some of the landmarks. If you walk further more from Soho, you will hit Chinatown, Little Italy, Korea Town, & lots more. We still ended up finding our hole in the wall restaurant, $17 for two meal was well spent! that was delish! When our feet had a rest for at least half an hour we felt more tired from the heat and from walking non-stop for the past 3 days. But that didn’t stop us from walking around in search of our dessert. But we saw a foot rub sign for $25 for an hour in Bowery Street. We both looked at each other and thought that we needed that. We wanted to see more options. Saw lots of dessert places and more foot rub places but they were all $30 and up. We forgot about our speakeasy and rooftop plans. We traded dessert and went inside the massage place and never looked back. hahaha


When we finished our foot massage the dessert places were closed already and we got so relaxed that we just wanted to go home. But we still wanted our dessert, found a nearby McDs so we had our dessert while waiting for our Uber.

Our Fourth Day was reserved for Jersey. One of our Quien Mas fam member, Anabel picked us up in Brooklyn and drove and toured us in Jersey.


Ended the night to an unexpected night out. We walked so much in NYC that we didn’t even think of going out coz we got so tired whenever we got home. But we wanted to go out because that was our last night. Fortunately, there were three clubs nearby. Barcode was one of the dopest places we’ve been. There are pool tables on when you walk in.  The next area they serve Hookah, which by the way we suggest that if you go there on Sundays is to get your Hookahs already as it is $6.50 before it hits 12am and it’s $26 after that. They also serve food.  Yes, they do! their specialty is their 22″ pizza.

Our Fifth Day we chose to sleep in and walk to Dunkin Donuts requested by the fam before heading to the airport. An overall great learning experience and it was such a fun trip for both of us. It would probably have been more relaxing if we chose to separate creating our contents on different days but since it’s New York..the hustle should be real!

Trend: Street Style



Location: DUMBO (Down Under Brooklyn Bridge) & Brooklyn Bridge


She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Navy Corduroy Shirt: The Cords & Co (sponsored)
Red Pants: Puma (Hudson’s Bay)
Black Tee: RCW (sponsored)
Red Sunnies: Topman
Brown Backpack: Gifted from Japan with Love
Sneakers: Reebok Classics
Lipstick: MAC (Proud to be Canadian)



He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

Navy Corduroy Shirt: The Cords & Co (sponsored)
Red Pants: Puma (Hudson’s Bay)
White Tee: RCW (sponsored)
Black Sunnies: 
Sneakers: Reebok Classics
Brown Backpack: Gifted from Japan with Love






Location: New York Times Square



She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Just, Don’t Hoodie: Manhattan Knights (sponsored)
Denim: Tommy Hilfiger
White Broken Heart Tee: ProjectxParis (sponsored)
Black Cat-eye Sunnies: 
Sneakers: Reebok Classics
Baby Blue Backpack: Parkland (sponsored)
Sneakers: Reebok Classics
Lipstick: MAC (Proud to be Canadian)







He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

Stupid Hoodie: Manhattan Knights (sponsored)
Denim Shorts: Topman
White Broken Heart Tee: ProjectxParis (sponsored)
Black Sunnies: 
Sneakers: Reebok Classics
Baby Blue Backpack: Parkland (sponsored)

Captain’s Hat: Zara

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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