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What is Fire and Flower?

Hello Friends,

It’s been a minute! New things are forming for us and we are excited to tell you the news. We are launching our YouTube on Friday!!! We want to welcome you all in to our lives through our vlogs. We will be creating fun lifestyle contents, focusing more towards love and fashion of course. We need to push ourselves to the limit, to see how far we can go. We will have another blog about our YouTube channel prep as well but for now, we want to tell y’all a little bit about us, pushing boundaries and accepting challenging projects…

When we were approached to promote Fire and Flower, we knew we will get hit with negative comments left and right. As the steps towards the legalization of the recreational cannabis is on going, we decided to be part of Fire and Flower to educate others about this growing industry and to challenge stereotypes. We also want ourselves to have a greater understanding about this plant and the positive impacts it brings.

Fire and Flower is one with wisdom. They are taking a different approach in educating others, they host fun events and workshops. Just this past weekend they had a concept store in Edmonton, Alberta opened for public. We are a bit far from Edmonton and we had an event to attend to this past weekend which we will probably blog about soon. But seeing photos of the contemporary concept of the store looks amazing! This kind of approach is really unique and we can’t wait to see it ourselves in person. The are selling awesome merch and cannabis accessories before the legalization. We got our hands on some of their merch and they are fun! We love our green tin mugs, dad hats, and shirts for sure!

One of the fun approach Fire & Flower does to educate their clients is through their blog. We often forget how cannabis can help a lot of people. A great read about CBD is written in their blog: Mighty Molecules

“From preventing seizures and fighting cancer to managing mental illness and calming inflammation, research has shown that CBD has strong potential to promote wellness. It’s a smart molecule that promotes balance in the body, targeting pain and dysfunction to regulate cells.”

Fire and Flower is making big moves by giving others a deeper knowledge about cannabis and their retail concepts also shares the same vision. They have a contemporary approach in their retail stores. They will also have a knowledgeable cannabis specialist to assist you whether you’re a first timer or a cannabis connoisseur. They are also planning to launch 75 shops by 2018 across Western Canada.

One of the people we look up to is Gary V. a successful entrepreneur and also a high-profile investor who talked about investing in a cannabis company earlier this year. We even read an article about the launch of Sephora’s new “High Beauty Brand”. They are predicting that the beauty products will hit mainstream as Sephora is such a big company. Knowledge is power, we took part in this one with wisdom movement to also educate ourselves about cannabis and this growing industry. There is so much about this interesting plant that we have to learn. We’ll talk more about it on our next blog.

.Check out their Website:
.Check out their Instagram: @fireandflowerco 
.Check out their Facebook: FireandFlower


Trend:  Checks & Plaids 



She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!
Black Tee: Forever 21
Pleather Hat: Forever 21
Leather Jacket: Guess (Hudson’s Bay)
Checkered Dress: Sirens
Black Waxed Biker Jeans: Noisy May (Hudson’s Bay)
Suede Boots: Lord & Taylor (Hudson’s Bay)
Sunglasses: Topman
Tin Mugs: Fire and Flower (Online-Sponsored)

He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.
Black Turtle Neck: Topman
Black Waxed Biker Jeans: Topman
Bandana: Calvin Klein
Sunglasses: Topman
 Dad Hat: Topman
Suede Chelseas: Steve Madden
Tin Mugs: Fire and Flower (Online-Sponsored)


Trend: Black on Black


She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!
Black Tee: Start with the Basis (Online-Sponsored)
Dad Hat: Fire and Flower (Online-Sponsored)
Bandana: Forever 21
Black Pants: Highline (Hudson’s Bay)
Sneakers: Skechers (Sponsored)
Sunglasses: Topman

He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.
Black Tee: Topman
Black Pants: Highline (Hudson’s Bay)
Bandana: Calvin Klein
Sunglasses: Aldo
 Dad Hat: Fire and Flower (Online-Sponsored)
Sneakers: Skechers (Sponsored)

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


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