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Happy Birthday to the Queen

Hello Friends,

Fall is here! That means its the Queen’s birthday again. What better way to celebrate it than staying in one of Vancouver’s most rad hotel, The Westin Grand.

Photo by: Derek


We loved every minute of our stay in The Westin Grand. They spoiled us from the get-go. Getting there is so easy because the location is accessible. For us, the location is always a deciding factor when we look for hotels. This hotel is located in Robson Street; where you can shop and/or dine in an open-air experience. But for our Raincouver’s unpredictable weather, Pacific Centre Mall is also another option. Aside from the nearby dining and shopping, almost every important landmarks in the downtown area is a walking distance; Yaletown, Waterfront Station, Gastown, Rogers Arena, BC Place Stadium, Granville, and a lot more. Also, the newly renovated garden rooftop of the Vancouver Public Library is our direct view from our room because the library is just across the hotel.

Photo by: Sheldon


You know when they say that everything is meant to happen? We were running behind schedule that day and had let them know that we will be checking-in late but we ended up getting there a bit early and so our room wasn’t ready when we got there. Mark, the Manager on Duty; Lisa, the Head of Concierge; and Taylor from the Front Desk were really accommodating and they were quick to give us a couple of complimentary drinks from the Hendricks, a resto-lounge that’s located inside the hotel while we wait for our room to be ready. We got our things out of the car and Daniel helped us with valet and he also kept our things safe while we go for drinks at the Hendricks.


Time is really fast when you’re having fun. We worked with Sheldon and Derek on our photoshoot that day. The shoot went smoothly and fast but prior to the shoot we moved our reservations at the restaurant at 8pm thinking that we won’t have enough time to shoot. We were starving while doing the shoot in the last location inside the Hendricks’ extended room. If you haven’t been to the Hendricks, they have an almost secret room, an extension of the restaurant if it gets really busy or it can be use for small parties or private events. The Food and Beverage Manager on Duty, Scott was kind enough to let us use the room as there were a lot of people inside the restaurant during this time.

Paparazzi shots by: Sheldon

After our shoot we went back to our beautiful room on the 23rd floor to drop off Sheldon and Derek’s cameras. We were surprised with a bottle of wine and a hand-written card from Jeff, Director of Sales and Marketing of The Westin Grand. Jeff helped us in booking our stay at the hotel including our dinner resos. We are in the midst of this millennial age that everything is digital but we are still very much suckers for hand-written notes. We are really moved, we have so much love and respect for Jeff as he was actually off to a Canucks game that night but he still managed to take care of us through the other staff and we did bump into him after our dinner coz he passed by the hotel after the hockey game to check if we were having a great time!


We went to the Hendricks before our dinner reservation was up. Yes, that hungry. They were really nice about it and Taufik lead us to our reserved table and he also served us that night. The ambiance was awesome and they also had a live DJ playing that night too. They have it every Friday and Saturday at this aesthetically pleasing resto-lounge. A lot of the people dining there were guests from the hotel but they do get tons of walk-ins as well. We were pretty fortunate that we stayed that night because apparently night before our stay was the Ellen De Generes show and they were so packed that they had to open the extended room and there is still a big line-up the whole time.


We tried their food before during Summer when they had their pop-up patio..and guys! trust us when we say, the food is legit amazeballs. We were so hungry the photos we took were blurred and Sheldon couldn’t restrain from eating that he was already eating while we were taking the photos! hahaha While waiting for our food, we were asked if there is a Khay Reyes in our table. A few minutes later, we were served with 4 glasses of champagne with our appies. Jeff, the magician worked his magic. It was served to us because we were celebrating my birthday. Also, during this time I started receiving messages from our friends and family back home. They were already sending their love and wishes for my birthday because of the time difference, it was my birthday in the Philippines already.

After our meal, we ordered desserts of course! Creme Brûlée was truly a taste of heaven and Derek can testify that the White Chocolate & Banana Bread Pudding was definitely the best dessert he ever tried. When we asked for the bill, the desserts were on the house!!! Scott and Taufik found out that it was my birthday, we told you we got spoiled! The service were already a gift but this kind gesture will definitely serve as a great memory to us.


Another great thing about the location of the hotel is that a liquor store is just outside the hotel, literally next door. While taking a fresh air just before going to the liquor store, we noticed that there were a lot of group staycationer in the hotel. The Westin Grand seems to be pretty popular for groups that are going out for the night and staying at the hotel after partying. Did we mention that night life is also walking distance from the hotel? We also planned to go out that night but we ended up just buying a pack of Nude Vodka Soda for the four of us and just stayed in the hotel for a good old conversation with our two friends while we stop one of them, Derek from buying an ice cream cake across the street to celebrate my birthday.


We were so excited to stay in the hotel that we forgot to pack swimwear and workout gears. The Westin Grand has a whirlpool, heated outdoor lap pool, sauna, and fitness studio. We planned on using their facilities but ended up just admiring it, hahaha.  We definitely took some photos though.

Whenever we go to hotels we always want to try dropping a bath bomb and Instagram it. But we stopped counting how many times we have tried and failed doing it. This time we couldn’t even try coz we also forgot to bring a bath bomb. Truly a regrettable event coz the bath tub was huge and super Instagrammable. The washroom was huge and they had a separate shower as well.


We woke up from the heavenly bed that we slept on with the gorgeous view of the city. We just literally, sighed and couldn’t believe how blessed we were for having to live another day and to wake up with all these blessings. The living room with a TV, study, and sofa bed also overlooks the breath-taking city views as well. We woke up early to see the sunrise and to start a full-day celebration of my birthday. A very memorable experience seeing the dark sky turned to this blinding bright crisp blue sky. We feel really blessed for everything that we received and we can’t thank The Westin Grand Hotel enough for taking care of us during our stay and also our two friends, Sheldon and Derek during our shoot. Our check-out was a breeze too, thanks to Christina at the Front Desk, her bubbly personality definitely added to the bright personalities of everyone that works in the hotel.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius.




For this birthday, I literally got myself pampered. We got our matching hair done by Elissa at Workshop Salon a week prior to our stay.

Photos by: Sheldon


First time getting acrylics!! I got my nails done by Ivy of Beauty By Ivy.


After a long hiatus from not getting my lashes done, I finally went back to Jasmine of Jasmine’s Lashes and got my lashes done. How cute is this wall?!

I was saying to the Jasmine and Ivy that all I need after my nails and lashes is a massage and I’m good! After we checked out from the hotel, Hugs surprised me with a much-needed back massage and foot massage. After the massage we went to Denny’s for my free birthday meal of course! then we went to Stanley Park to do a photoshoot for our future contents. Thinking that it was going to be a short photoshoot was wrong!!! It took us at least two hours because we didn’t have the right camera lens for a product shoot. We were catching the sunlight, moving the product where the sun will shine and the tall trees in Stanley Park didn’t help at all. We ended up bumping to Sheldon and his H.F.E team, Erin and Jello  whom we told that we may not see him coz we were there just to do a quick shoot. hahaha

Check out their Instagram:
Hotel: The Westin Grand @thewestingrand
Photographer/Videographer: Sheldon @_happyfaceemoji
Photographer: Derek @dtrounger
Hair by: Elissa @elissawolfe
Lash by: Jasmine @jasminelashes
Nails by: Ivy @beauty_byivy

Photos by: Sheldon

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Photos by: Derek

Trend: Mustarding

She Said: You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Purple Bomber: RYU (Sponsored)
Mustard Mock Neck Sweater: SFW (Hudson’s Bay)
Sneakers: D’Lites Skechers (Sponsored)
Sheer Skirt: H&M
Black Waxed Biker Jeans: Noisy May (Hudson’s Bay)
Matrix Sunglasses: SPCTCL (Sponsored-online)
Lipstick: MAC (Proud to be Canadian)

He Said: Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

Purple Bomber: RYU (Sponsored)
White Turtle Neck: Zara
Mustard Crew Neck Sweater: H&M
Black Pants: Highline (Hudson’s Bay)
Side Bag: Zara
Clear Sunnies: SPCTCL (Sponsored-online)
Sneakers: D’Lites Skechers (Sponsored)

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses


One thought on “Happy Birthday to the Queen

  1. Khay & Glen! OMG what an amazing experience for you both. So glad we were able to accommodate you and help to make your birthday weekend/month an amazing experience. I look forward to welcoming you back in the near future.

    Jeff Froehlich


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