Modern Fairytale

Our Modern Fairytale that we planned for 2 years felt like it only took 2 hours. This is our SDE also knows as Same Day Edit video. A short video shown during the reception of our wedding. The footage from pre-ceremony to post-ceremony shot earlier in the day of the wedding.

SAME DAY EDIT: Please view it in HD for a better viewing 🙂

Watch our 20-minute full wedding video below.

We got sold with our videographer, Bob Nicolas when we saw one of his works. It was the wedding video of Jericho Rosales and his wife Kim. Hugs saw that water shot, where Jericho was facing the ocean and the waves came right at him. Kisses saw the love in both of this couples eyes and their smiles while running. Watching his other videos all of them were very creative and are filled with love. He captures the love between the couples and all the emotions that the guests have and thats what made us decide to have him in our wedding.

We hope to inspire other couples who are getting married to not be scared of doing it the way you want to have your wedding. Words of Wisdom from the Bestman: “Do you want to remember your wedding as the best day of your life, or do you want to remember it as the best day of their (other people) life.” In our case, we wanted to remember it as one of the best days of our lives. So we decided that we didn’t want our parents to give us anything for the wedding as we wanted to have full control of wedding decisions, from guests list to flower arrangements. We saved up for two years and made sure that everything that we have to pay for the wedding was coming out from our pockets..and maybe a little help from a little angel in the bank.

When we started planning this, we both decided that our big day is about the both of us. It is our wedding not just the bride. All the decisions that were made from our Modern Fairytale Theme to all the guest wearing white even our suppliers, there were 47 crews in total not including the caterers (from coordinators to photographers except the bar tenders). Also, all the caterers were wearing white while both of us are wearing Mint Green. All the little decisions were decided by the two of us. Communication is the key to our relationship..and both of those words starts with two people not just one.

Of course, we were pretty blessed that our parents are full support with our decision and they literally had to go through us before they invite someone that they want to invite. Some of our friends and family couldn’t make it to Philippines, we had small gathering here and there and also our Jack and Jill (combined stag/stagette) was held in Victoria Island, where our friends planned everything from ferry trips, hotels, games and fun in the yacht months before we left Vancouver. We couldn’t thank them enough for that and for following through with our Modern Fairytale theme as well. Victoria Island is just so…royalty.

Our wedding hall was filled with the people who saw our love bloomed from when we first started dating back in September 14, 2001…and maybe just a few exceptions. Our whole point was…if we dated for 14 years that time and really, we try to go back home in Philippines, every two years. Both families know each other for that long as well so if you’re going to our wedding and you don’t even know one of us..then we don’t really understand why you would be in our wedding. We believe that in most cases, getting an invite to a wedding is a privilege because those couple that invited mean something to them…and they chose you to be part of their big day out of thousands of other people they know.

Full Wedding Film: Please view it in HD for a better viewing 🙂

Wedding Credits:
Photographer: Paul Vincent Photography
Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Hair and Make-Up: Second Skin By Jeri
Coordinators: Creative Styling by JBL
Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar
Lights and Sounds: Aljoe Mix
Catering: K by Cunanan
Venue: Palazzo Verde (Formerly, Fernbrook Garden)

Hugs and Kisses