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Camel Coat

October 19, 2015

Hi My Loves,

Just like Jenna Rink wished..“I wanna be Thirty. Thirty and Flirty and Thriving”…It was indeed a crazy dirty thirty celebration! I was out every weekend…and maybe some of the weekdays. But it was definitely an everyday celebration. That’s why I haven’t done any blogging. PS. no gym as well for the whole month..well up to now. baahh

I still have 1 more day of celebration coming this weekend. With my girls who happens to have their birthdays on October as well. My lovely Octobrants! Late celebration because of our scheds. So technically…I’m not done celebrating! hahaha

Fall, start of layering season. Coats are coming out the storage. One of my fave coat is from Seoul, Korea. My Camel Coat with oversized lapel which I wore on my birthday celebration. I bought this coat as a gift to myself the first time I visited Seoul, Korea on December of 2012.

Speaking of gifts..I think I’ve never received this much gifts ever since my 18th birthday. hahaha Thanks y’all!


One of the gifts I received for my birthday is this sick haircut with lines and fades from my talented cousin JL. He even did Glenn’s. He’s a graphic designer and he just likes doing this for fun ūüôā

Lips aren’t sealed: Coats can be worn for a long time as long as you take care of them. Bring them out during the cold season and store them nicely when the season is over.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: I’ve been using this coat for almost 3 years now.

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

October 24, 2015
Dirty Thirty Celebration
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Street Style
Camel Tailored Coat: Forever 21
Blue Heathered Extra Long Shirt: H&M
Distressed Jeans: Jack & Jones
Black Leather Sneakers: Adidas

October 24, 2015
Dirty Thirty Celebration
Style: Street Style Luxe
Camel Coat w/Oversized Lapel: Jasmin
(Dongdaemun, Seoul Korea)
N. Blue Lace Crop Bustier: La Senza
(Gift from the adorable couple, Vanessa and Jai)
Black Blazer: Vero Moda
(Slit sleeves by yours truly)
Big Safety Pin Necklace: Guess
Gunmetal/Black Bangle: Michael Kors
(Gift from the awesome couple, Sue and Dan)
Silver & Black Bracelet: Guess
Rings: Guess
Distressed Jeans: Forever 21
(Ripped added by yours truly)
Booties: Material Girl
Blue Lipstick: MAC (Matte Royal)
(Gift from my broish)


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Couple Outfits

May 27, 2015

Hi My Loves,

I saw this couple and I just had to¬†take a photo and post it on my blog. I was running out of time because I was on my way to the gym and I didn’t want to bother their date by my ridiculous questions about their outfit.¬†I just find it really awesome¬†for other couples who loves¬†couple outfits too…yes blame it on my Asian genes. This couple though. Outfits on point! down to their leather backpacks. It’s soooo me and Hugs!!! We’ve always liked matching our clothes or even just the accessories. Were just cheezy that way. We’ve been matching for almost 14 years,¬†sometimes we don’t even plan it. We’d be walking out of the house and we just matched. hahaha

Lips aren’t sealed: If you’re with someone who wants to also wear matching outfits but they’re¬†too embarassed¬†that people will totally make fun of them…try matching the colour of your clothes. A couple outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear the exact same thing. Matching the other person’s outfit colours¬†is still considered as a couple outfit. Yes, because I SAY SO. hehehe. If they’re really uncomfortable with it you can still match¬†just your accessories like your¬†shoes or backpack..ok..fine¬†even just your watch. that’s a start.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: Backpacks are always fresh.

P.S.¬†You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post¬†photos on InstaGram!

May. 27, 2015
Out on a Date
Photo by: B.B.B
Style: Streetstyle Couple Outfit
 His: Black Leather backpack
White long sleeve woven shirt
Ripped Jeans
Adidas Classics
Hers: Black Leather studded backpack
White Sweater with leather sleeve patch
Denim woven shirt (on waist)
Black leggings
Adidas classic


Couple Outfit Ideas



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Adidas Original

March 30, 2015

Hi My Loves,

Most of you might have noticed the craze that happened with Jordan shoes. It died down a bit now, but people are still buying them. Last year was Nike Air Max while¬†New Balance is in a steady pace. Thanks to the growing Athletic Leisure inspired outfits¬†that has been frequently spotted on the streets, these sneakers are selling like hotcakes. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Adidas on the streets, blogs, window displays, and just about everywhere. Unfortunately, I don’t have mine anymore, lets just say that it has lived its life. hahaha I knew that it will eventually come back in the scene but lets be real, its me..I had probably worn them out after a few use.

Lips aren’t sealed: ¬†I know that I’m supposed to be your guide here of how to’s but this time I’ll have to pass the torch to my one and only who takes really good care of his things, specially, his shoes. On that note, a shoeholic should always have a good place for their shoes. Shoe racks or single shoe containers can be found just about anywhere now. Invest in them!!! You can find them in Ikea, London Drugs, Walmart , Shoppers, & any department stores. I highly suggest containers that are sealed to avoid collecting dust. Direct sunlight can be a brutal enemy as well because it can cause discolouration.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: Hugs has been sporting it everywhere for more than 8 years!

P.S.¬†You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!




Mar. 30, 2015
Photo by: B.B.B
From: Hudson’s Bay (Park Royal)
Product: Adidas Originals











Mar. 28, 2015
Photo by: B.B.B
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Classic Sport
Brown/Red Orange Stripes Shoes: Adidas Originals (Limited Edition)
Red Sports Socks: Body Glove
Rose Gold & Blue Watch: Guess