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Style in the City

Hello Friends,

We had the privilege of getting featured in Vancouver Sun online and The Province newspaper for our Fall looks. Grateful for all these blessings we’ve been receiving. When Aleesha, Arts & Life Editor of The Province and Vancouver Sun reached out to us to get featured it just so happened that we were scheduled to do a shoot with Eric for a collab. She needed us to submit a photo with fall/winter appropriate outfit, what a perfect timing!

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October 5, 2015

Hi My Loves,

October! My birthday month! whoohoo someone’s turning dirrttyy thirtyyy!!! I’m sooo excited. I’ve been really blessed, this year is such an incredible year. Life is truly good.

Blessed with work, love, happiness, family, and great friends. Speaking of great friends, I’m featuring my hot girlfriend Razelle Evangelio and my special guest for this post is my bff Louviely. Been through a lot with this incredible babe since we were 13. Smart, sexy, and with a generous heart. Also, she used to be my business partner when we had our clothing line called “Hugs and Kisses”. Fun times. I shall write about that sometime this month 🙂

This post is a follow up of what I wrote last week. Regarding rompers and jumpsuits. Rompers is just a short version of Jumpsuits. They are meant to be worn alone unlike jumper shorts or overalls they have to be worn with a top inside.

Lips aren’t sealed: Jumpsuits are so easy to throw on but its kind of annoying if you need to do your business in the toilet. haha

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: Its a versatile piece that you can wear to play during the day and have dinner on later at night.

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Be my Guest: Words by my Guest!

Guest: Louviely Diaz-Sico
Instagram: louviely
Occupation: Engineering Office Manager
Nemetz and Associates (Calgary)

Lips aren’t sealed: Jumpsuits are super comfy. Not often you get both, fashion and comfort all in one!

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: I wear them often. Anywhere and anytime! I would even wear it as pj’s, it’s that comfy! haha

Really, I love how it’s versatile. It’s easy to dress it up or dress it down, depending on the occasion. (or no occasion at all!)


September 01, 2015
After Work
Model: Louviely Diaz-Sico
Style: Work Wear
Open Cardigan: Forever 21
Black Tube Jumpsuit: La Vie En Rose
Tan Booties: Degrees (Hudson’s Bay)

September 13, 2015
Date with Hubby
Model: Louviely Diaz-Sico
Style: Street Style Luxe
Tan Leather Jacket: Banana Republic
Gray Jumpsuit: H&M
Sunglasses: Guess
Black Booties: Degrees (Hudson’s Bay)

Denim Jumpers/Jumper Shorts


Model: Razelle Evangelio
Style: Nautical
Denim Jumpers: Silver Jeans
Stripe Boat Neck Top: A/X


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Adidas Original

March 30, 2015

Hi My Loves,

Most of you might have noticed the craze that happened with Jordan shoes. It died down a bit now, but people are still buying them. Last year was Nike Air Max while New Balance is in a steady pace. Thanks to the growing Athletic Leisure inspired outfits that has been frequently spotted on the streets, these sneakers are selling like hotcakes. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Adidas on the streets, blogs, window displays, and just about everywhere. Unfortunately, I don’t have mine anymore, lets just say that it has lived its life. hahaha I knew that it will eventually come back in the scene but lets be real, its me..I had probably worn them out after a few use.

Lips aren’t sealed:  I know that I’m supposed to be your guide here of how to’s but this time I’ll have to pass the torch to my one and only who takes really good care of his things, specially, his shoes. On that note, a shoeholic should always have a good place for their shoes. Shoe racks or single shoe containers can be found just about anywhere now. Invest in them!!! You can find them in Ikea, London Drugs, Walmart , Shoppers, & any department stores. I highly suggest containers that are sealed to avoid collecting dust. Direct sunlight can be a brutal enemy as well because it can cause discolouration.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: Hugs has been sporting it everywhere for more than 8 years!

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!




Mar. 30, 2015
Photo by: B.B.B
From: Hudson’s Bay (Park Royal)
Product: Adidas Originals











Mar. 28, 2015
Photo by: B.B.B
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Classic Sport
Brown/Red Orange Stripes Shoes: Adidas Originals (Limited Edition)
Red Sports Socks: Body Glove
Rose Gold & Blue Watch: Guess