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Extra-Long Shirt

September 17, 2015

Hi My Loves,

L.O.V.E. Just spent our unofficial 14th year anniversary in Whistler on September 14 ūüôā So I decided to have him as my special guest to talk about his latest fashion craze, Extra Long Shirts.

Lips aren’t sealed: I noticed that these shirts have been up on blogs and on the streets the whole summer and I started to spot them in stores just before Spring. Actually, the first store that I personally saw carried this was Urban Outfitters. Maybe around last year?? I was out shopping with my fave Finlay Porter (Featured in my first blog post). These shirts were part of Urban Outfitters core items (Regular Item they would sell all year round). Fin bought one for $34 that time. Now they sell them for as low as $12 in H&M. That time I just thought that those shirts were made specifically..well..for him..a model, who’s height is double of mine. hahaha Glenn’s been obsessing about them but never really had the guts to tried them on because..let’s face it, he doesn’t have Fin’s height. hahahaha


Finlay Porter
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finlayporter1 (Personal)
porterbrothersandco (Modeling w/ his bro)

It didnt really occur to me when these shirts actually started creeping in the market. I just suddenly saw them in blogs, on the streets, then finally in different stores. Since different stores started carrying them there was a greater chance that Glenn can find his perfect lenght and so he did. Glenn faced his fear and finally tried one on from Topman and the rest was history. haha

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: He’s been wearing these extra long shirts all summer long.

P.S. You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post photos on InstaGram!

Be my Guest: Words by my Guest!

Guest: Glenn Reyes
Instagram: eemerge
Occupation: Assistant General Manager
Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club (Granville)

Lips aren’t sealed: Lately, these shirts had been my go to shirts. I find them really comfortable and unique. I’d usually wear them with skinnies so it won’t look sloppy because the shirt is already big and extra long. One of my Queen’s fashion advice that I keep in mind.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times: I have been wearing them almost everyday during summer. I wear them with trousers when I want to pull a formal look but still relaxed. For my casual look, I’d wear it with my joggers or my biker jeans.


September 05, 2015
Friend’s Farewell Dinner
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Relaxed Work Wear
Extra Long Heathered Shirt w/ Round Bottom Finish: H&M
Military Inspired Blazer: Dongdaemun Shop in S. Korea
Jogger Trousers: Forever 21
Smoking Slippers: Topman

September 14, 2015
Celebration of my 14th Year Anniversary with my Queen
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Street Style
Extra Long Shirt w/ Side Zipper: H&M
High-Low Asymmetrical Hooded Sweater: H&M
Distressed Joggers: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Sneakers: Keds


fashion, streetstyle, Style

Cognac Blazer

May 25, 2015

Hi My Loves,

My blog and gym¬†hibernation needed to stop. So here’s an update ūüôā

I’m sorry for not updating my blog for a while. I was busy with my real world job (Visual Merchandising) and my out of this world job (Assistant Wardrobe Styling). I worked for 3 weeks straight…then after that I just got lazy. Was I exhausted?..lets just say, I sleep on the train all the time. hahaha

As you all know¬†my Hugs¬†is my partner in just about anything¬†but our solid good time would be food trip and fashion. Im lucky to have met a guy who would wear anything I suggest. hehehe.¬†It takes a real man to wear something that’s totally out of their comfort zone..a couple tee or a couple outfit? yes he does.. and he rocks it ūüôā

Lips aren’t sealed:¬†Men, invest in blazers. You can wear them with any type of pants and shorts. For women, we can wear blazers with just about anything from skirt, dress to shorts. We got this cognac blazer for around $40 from a store in Dongdaemun when we were in Seoul, S. Korea last spring 2014. Cognac is one of the colours you should own in your closet. It is an earthy tone so a lot of colours can be worn with it. I like to pair it a lot with dark denim.

Rock it once, Rock it twice, Rock it multiple times:¬† Rock it during Fall or Spring…Winter or even Summer!

P.S.¬†You don’t have to be InstaBroke just to post¬†photos on InstaGram!

May. 24, 2015
Friends Birthday Dinner
Photo by: B.B.B
Model: Glenn Reyes
Style: Spring Nautical
Cognac Blazer: Dongdaemun shop in Seoul, Korea
Nautical Stripe Crew Neck Shirt: H & M
Black Drop-crotched Pants: Topman

Brown Suede Smoking Slippers: Topman